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I have a maytag washer that was leaking.

I have a maytag washer that was leaking.

I have a maytag washer that was leaking.

Vivian A - Oklahoma City
Angie's List Customer
Monday July 23 2018

I have a Maytag washer that was leaking.

Adam came out and said I needed a part they had to order.

They had to order the part and they called me to tell me it was in.

This company is wonderful!

I teach school and had to take off work to meet them at the house.

When the part came in, they called and asked if they could install it. I said I was at the doctor's office and did not know when I would be done. Adam said he had two more appointments and would call me when he was finished. At 5:15, he called me and said he could come by and install it and would be here at 5:40. He was here exactly at 5:40! He installed the part, checked and made sure it wasn't leaking, ran a cycle, and by 6:15 was done.

I so appreciate him working late, so I would not have to take off another day at school. It was beyond the call of duty and so considerate. Adam was professional and friendly and even took the time to pet my dogs.

Would definitely recommend the company and Adam.