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Electric Stove and Dishwasher Repair

Electric Stove and Dishwasher Repair

Electric Stove and Dishwasher Repair

Glen H.- OKC, OK.
Angie's List customer
Monday July 23 2018

Replaced burner on an electric stove and repaired float switch on dishwasher.

A burner went out and needs replacement on GE electric stovetop. Also, our dishwasher was not filling with water. Both were fixed fast and correctly for a fair price.

We were very pleased with the work done. This is the second time we have used them in a 4 month period.

One thing that we really liked is that they gave us advice on a new refrigerator we wanted to buy regarding reliability. Great appliance repair people. Honest and reasonable.

Very pleased and will use them again the next time we have a problem!