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Fixed Maytag Epic washer

Fixed Maytag Epic washer

Fixed Maytag Epic washer

Patrick F. Edmond OK.
Angie's List customer
Monday July 23 2018

Fixed an issue where our Maytag Epic washer was not draining and spinning correctly.

In the midst of an ice storm, and on a Friday, they called ahead of time, asked if they come early because of the weather, and showed up at our house a few minutes later.

The tech was outstanding - showed me what he was doing, talked about some of the causes (the filter was clogged with some disgusting, disgusting crap), how to fix it in the future, and how to troubleshoot should the same issue happen again.

He was in and out in 20 minutes, was professional and friendly, relatable, clean, and knowledgeable.

I cannot ask for anything more.

Great service, and I'll use them again.